Sunday, April 13, 2008

Juggan Kazim's Hot Cleavage On Hum TV

These beautiful vidcaps of Juggan Kazim are from her show on HumTV, courtesy of bro Jaaf. These pics are a good reminder why Juggan's jugs deserve to be placed in the pantheon of Titdom, if ever there is a place. There are plenty of girls out there with big tits, but very few can translate that into a sexy persona. It's the manner in which the whole smorgasbord of lusciousness is laid out in her case.

That sweet innocent face, creamy complexion and the easy manner in which she doles out bucket-loads of sex appeal, is what makes her special. She seems comfortable in her skin and is unafraid to share her sexuality. She will bat those eyelashes, make goo-goo eyes and pull those Alicia Silverstone lips into a lovely pout to disarm you.

Since motherhood, some of Juggans assets have apparently blossomed and grown in size. She is generous enough to share the dividends through plunging wide necklines. Speaking of big white tits on desi chicks, her cleavage reminds me of one of our hot teachers in grade school. She had the body of a Playmate (I kid you not) and the most gorgeous big jugs. She was a total exhibitionist and loved to show them off with wide and plunging necklines. Drove us all nuts.

She would call us up to her table and while we stood solemnly behind her, she would grade our papers. Sometimes, you could clearly see her lacy bra cups --but never the nipple. She was too smart a cookie not to know what she was doing to us, and bless her soul, she never disappointed. I am willing to re-enroll in grade school if Juggan is grading my work.

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