Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Humera 'Butt', The Rocking Girl

Very few in the civilized world have had the pleasure of bearing witness to Humera Arshad's big, round, fat booty. Now you can consider yourself among that lucky group. The following caps of Humera Arshad were taken while she was performing live in an outdoor setting.

Humera was catapulted into fame with her single Was Ve Dhola, which was shortly followed by Mein Ni Boldi. Although these songs were in regional Punjabi, their superior melody and poetry won her the hearts of people all over the country and beyond. She has done plenty of concerts and sold enough CDs to claim a spot in the list of the talented musicians.

Last year Humera married the ripped model and actor Ahmed Butt. The star of a handful of bad Lollywood movies and a model of international repute (he has allegedly done shoots with Italian and French designers in Milan and Paris).

The newlyweds were on a show together and I could not help but notice Humera's attitude towards her husband. She was bossy and demeaning, putting him down and cutting him off. He seemed to shrug it off with a lazy smile and a laid-back attitude, saying very little.

Humera is a talent, no doubt. She is fairly pretty with huge assets, but clearly no match for her model husband and his (assuming here) colorful past. Humera has appeared alone on shows and shown herself to be opinionated and quite willing to share it with the world. It could be that this is the very side of her personality that attracted the young Butt to THE butt.

As I was gathering and sorting these caps, a song kept playing in the back of my head. I finally figured it out. It was Queen's homage "Fat Bottomed Girls". A wonderful song that fits nicely here. If you haven't heard it, I would encourage you to do so.

Putting aside the immense talent, that is Humera, we will study the beguiling butt of hers. While some girls are neurotic about the size of their hips and butt, others, well-versed in the proclivities of men, have used it to their max. advantage. After all, it is a blessing.

I understand some folks may not (yet) be able to appreciate Humera's butt, but in time, they will come to appreciate the beauty and rarity of a large, round butt. I don't have to explain this to the Tantric Yogis here, but one should be careful not to confuse any old, fat butt with a round butt.

Humera is not caring much excess weight on her body. She has a well-defined waist and curvy hips. If only she had a matching pair of tits, she could have proved deadly for weak hearts. On the whole, it looks like Ahmed Butt struck real gold with Humera here. Wish them both the best in their respective careers.

Here is the best-of Humera's butt.

Here are two videos of Humera's hit songs. The first is Wus Ve Dhola

The second is Mein Ni Boldi. Enjoy.

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man this blog is amazing..!! absolutely love it. man you must do a post on model neha malik who appeared on the last sahir lodhi show. the outfit she is wearing is hot man!!