Sunday, February 1, 2009

Atiqa Odho 'DD'azzling, on TV-One

The following caps and the accompanying video clips are of Atiqa Odho, who appeared on the Sahir Lodhi Show on TV-One. I was looking at some old pictures of Atiqa for research and what I found fascinating is how she has managed to defy the aging process. And not just defy it, she has won ground back, in that she has never looked better, than how she appears today.

You can say that about only a handful of people who have ever lived. My short list would include Mimi Rogers, Charlotte Rampling, Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren, Jennifer Connelly and Susan Sarandon. They all started off as hot numbers and matured into seasoned, sensual MILFs.

Atiqa had some baby fat across her face through her stint on PTV, which she has since shed and now we can admire her facial bone structure. Also, she has learned to apply make-up judiciously, to accentuate her features, instead of a Kabuki cover-up. In short, she has continued to improve upon herself, while others her age have long 'let go'.

Her choice of clothing is elegant and sensual. A simple black top, barely able to contain the precious DD cargo, with a kaftan that had white foliage. She wore a simple gold necklace around her neck. If she had gone with her usual pendant, hanging between her cleavage, moving like a metronome with every little jiggle, it would have created quite a scandal. Too bad.

As you can tell, Atiqa has flawless, smooth, alabaster skin. Like that of a Danish milkmaid. Folks in her age brackat develop moles, acquire marks, get scars from burns, scratches and liver spots. She has nothing. Just a wide expanse of perfectly creamy white skin, waiting to be doused and rubbed down with a big ol' bottle of Johnson & Johnsons.

For the complete set of caps, click here.

As usual, the main topic of the conversation revolved around mature women holding their ground and refusing to bow before mother nature. Sahir Lodhi, the congenital dick of the show, started the ball rolling by making repeated gibes about film star Meera's unwillingness to come to terms about her age in public (like he was her maternal uncle or something).

Atiqa chose to take it as a crack at one of her sorority sisters. First, she upheld Meera's right to live the life of her choosing. Age, according to Atiqa, is all up here *pointing to her peroxide hair*. Then she came back with a prop, a pamphlet, with a photo of her mom looking weird and then proceeded to tell a story about her grandma, who on her death bed, requested a dye job. I think the thought of a dead grandma laying there with jet black hair unnerved even Sahir, who went ashen at the mention of it. In her defense, Atiqa is a pioneer woman and pioneers, by definition, are a little nutty.

She said that her husband understands her need, "to be someone" and allows her freedom to pursue her dreams. And that raises her esteem for him. But anybody know how many wet hankies are laying by his bedside ? ( <= cuz of the crying! you people, honestly... you make me sick). It's like a young kid being asked to part with his very own Disney Land. But I guess Atiqa makes it up to him. In ways the rest of us can only dream about.

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